Don't see Netflix in the Mac App Store? Wondering how to get Netflix on your Mac? You've come to the right place.

While there is no official Netflix app for the Mac (crazy, I know), there are several options to watch Netflix.

Using a browser

The most common way to watch your favorite Netflix shows is to simply go to However, there are some important details to note about using the Netflix website.

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Is Google Chrome your browser of choice? If so, you should note that the maximum resolution you can currently stream Netflix at in Google Chrome is only 720p. In 2020? Yes, really. But what if I pay for the HD or Ultra HD Netflix package? Sorry, but you can still only reach a maximum of 720p in Google Chrome. There is also no touch bar support if you are using Google Chrome.

The sad Touch Bar you see when playing Netflix videos in Google Chrome

Is Firefox your browser of choice? Then you're out of luck as well. Firefox streaming quality is also capped at 720p on a Mac.

The only web browser that lets you stream at 1080p or higher on a Mac is to use the Safari web browser.

Using a 3rd-party app

However, instead of watching Netflix in a web browser, there is an app created by DBK Labs with all of the functionality of the Netflix website, plus many more features (including streaming at up to 4K quality!)

Clicker for Netflix
The best way to watch Netflix on macOS

Here is a short list of some of the benefits offered by this app:

  • Use Netflix like any other native app on your Mac
  • Watch Netflix in Picture-in-Picture mode while doing other activites at the same time
  • Automatically resume the last show you were watching when you start the app
  • Control Netflix from the Touch Bar

Clicker for Netflix is available from DBK Labs for $4.99.